Baby/newborn photography 5 month Frankie

​Now that photography is my full time occupation I have been looking to fill up some of my time during the week as weddings mainly only happen on weekends. Baby/ new born photography seems like the perfect choice as not only are the babies themselves so irresistibly cute but hopefully it might mean that I get to work with some of my wedding couples again further down the line. This of course can also work the other way round if new parents decide to get married later on it would be a pleasure to then photograph their wedding.

Before taking on the responsibility of photographing a baby I have done lots of research into how they develop over the first year period and what are the best ways to handle and photograph them. I have invested in lots of props including a suitable baby bean bag for support, wraps, outfits and various other props.

Pictured below is five month old baby Frankie, his mum wanted to stick to a classic style shoot using neutral colours. At this age they are very alert and have lots of energy so wiggle about quite a bit however they are not quite sitting up by themselves yet so I made sure that mum was on hand to offer him support. One of his big sisters came along and it was nice to take a couple of shots with the two of them together.

If you would like pictures of your little one prices start from £75 for new born and £50 for children over 2 months. Please get in contact


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